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Coolant Filters

6 facts on Cooling Systems

  1. The Cooling system is responsible for 40% of engine failures, the culprit often being reduced maintenance. Modern diesel engines work smoothly with a fully formulated premixed glycol-based coolant which contains a heavyweight additive package and de-ionized water. So you shouldn’t muddle with a coolant if you want your engine to run problem-free.
  2. The Cooling system can get badly corroded if not maintained as it works in a very hostile set-up with high temperatures, high velocity and various metallic components involved. Therefore controlling the Coolant pH is vital. Whether a simple Coolant leak from a corroded radiator or a more expensive engine rebuild because of liner cavitation and corrosion, immediate damage control is an imperative.
  3. Most OEM’s demand using 40% to 60% glycol-based Coolant all through the year, regardless of the ambient temperature. 50% glycol/water solution will raise the boiling point from 100°C to 108°C, overpower the freezing point from 0°C to -37°C thus providing excellent corrosion protection capabilities.
  4. A water filter is an important part of a coolant filtration system. With a water filter one can easily notice that it is time to service the Cooling System. Apart from this the water filter keeps in check the corrosion inhibitor level and the cleanliness within the coolant, protecting the water pump from wear and tear.
  5. A mechanical coolant filter on the Cooling System of an engine will control the pH, flow rate and boiling point of the coolant while permitting the use of a fully formulated, premixed, lifetime coolant.
  6. One of the most important factors for your cooling system to work without glitches is to keep it clean. Use a fully formulated premixed, lifetime coolant for first fill and top up for easy maintenance.
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