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Industrial Filtration

In indirect heating systems, the heat from combustion sources such as fuel or electric heating elements is transferred to the hot oil or thermal fluid. From there the heat at controlled temperatures is carried to the heat users. When heat transfer fluids are exposed to atmospheric air or flow too slowly through poorly designed circulation piping systems at high temperatures, the oil degrades and a number of by-products are formed such as soot, carbon and sludge. These by-products circulate throughout the system and these tiny floating particles eventually contaminate the entire system. Contamination significantly reduces the heat transfer efficiency and ultimately leads to higher operating costs. An oil filter’s primary function is to capture and retain these contaminants for easy removal from the industrial heating process making filtration a necessary part of any thermal fluid system. Because most thermal fluid heating processes run continually, side stream filtration is effective because thorough filtration is achieved while the heating systems are operating normally.

Industrial Oil Filter

Liquid Process Systems provides filtration systems that continuously remove the contaminants from the heating loop, helping to keep process fluid clean and performing at maximum operating efficiency. Our filtration systems are very cost effective and our filter housings use filter elements to enable cleaning of the thermal oil at extremely high temperatures. With excellent dirt holding capacities, these filter elements are both economical as well as disposable and can easily withstand temperatures up to 750°F (399°C). Our industrial filter systems have proven to:
  • Reduce cost of replacing heat transfer fluid
  • Reduce cost of operating heating system
  • Increase pump life by at least 3 times
  • Increase efficiency of the heating system
  • Increase reliability of valves, relief valves, heater tubes and rotating components
  • Reduce cost of maintenance of pump seals and pumps
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