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Testimonials/Client Endorsements

What our clients say about the equipment that Liquid Process Systems provided to them:

“These filtration systems we bought from you are really nice and so easy to use that our maintenance people are actually using them and changing elements frequently. Thank you for a good product. We will definitely buy more for our other locations.” – M. Lee, Asphalt supplier in NW USA
“The thermal fluid filtration system we purchased from you is one of the few pieces of machinery around here that actually just sits there quietly running and working like it is supposed to.” – S. O.’Conner, MDF and OSB manufacturer in SE USA
“I will take this opportunity to comment on our kidney loop systems that we bought from you. They have far exceeded what we expected that they would accomplish. Before we purchased these units we were changing the oil in our Sag mill lubrication units several times a year due to contamination. This is a cost to us approximately $8,000 each time. We have had one change from both mills since we put the units in. Anytime that a customer has any questions about them, I would be more than happy to pass this on to them. We are a very satisfied customer. – M. Stark, Thompson Creek Mining Company
“I am really happy with the performance of the Vector series filtration system. Thank you.” – D. Madsen, Flint Hills Resources
“I appreciated working with all of you and will keep you in mind for any future projects. [Your employees] did a quality job on my unit because when I look at it I can see it, from the welds to how the handle is attached and everything in between. What made it work well is the back and forth conversations before you built the unit, understanding what I would like and me understanding what you can do.” – S. Rosinski, Foamex
“…it is working great compared to the old system and no real maintenance time other than changing filters and checking it…” – J. Voltz, Potlatch Corp.
“…filter has been installed and working well. Dowtherm has looked noticeably clearer and we have seen some larger silica carbide particles being removed which was from pump bearing failures. Overall, a success to date!” – G. Feil, Ashland Canada Inc.
“…the heaters have been commissioned…we made a trial batch and both the small unit and the large one worked extremely well….We have been pleased with the performance and reliability of them both…” – G. Cihocki, Unilever HPC USA
“…we have our hot oil systems under control now. According to your advice we have installed the bypasses at the heaters and the cold vent system. This resulted in a tremendous improvement of our situation, we have less downtime, less pump replacements, we spent less money for oil….” – O. Hafner, Stankiewicz International (suppliers to BMW)
“…our Press Hot Oil Heaters seem to be working well now…No more cooked oil. No more smoke. Thank you for all of your assistance. We sincerely appreciate your efforts.” – G. McCloskey, Stankiewicz International
“We have installed the system on three production lines to date and have had exceptional results. The heat load from our processes is handled easily by your heat exchange systems. We anticipate closing our cooling water facility…as a result of these systems. If you ever need a job reference please to not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to future projects with your company.” – M. Parham, Dayco Products
“In a year of operation we have had no pump failure due to coking of oil. The per-unit price of the heat transfer filtration systems is cheap insurance against such failure.” – J. Rummel, Briggs & Stratton
“From what I’ve seen so far, these units perform very nicely. The oil in the machine looks like brand new.” – B. Smith, PHB Corp.
“Since installation in late 1996, our pumps are lasting on average three times longer. The end result of installing the Liquid Process Systems’ filters was less frequent repairing of pumps, which meant an overall cost savings in labor and downtime.” – D. Jenkins, Twin City Die Casting
“As you know, we recommend you when there’s a need for filtration expertise. And we mention you by name because we know you will support customers and prospective customers well and treat them fairly…we’re careful to mention only those who do good work. Thus the mention of Liquid Process Systems…” – J. Fuhr, Paratherm Corporation
“This [company] has the ability to analyze problems in systems and effect cures. I have talked to them on many occasions and appreciate this quality for looking at my machinery problems as their own and helping me cure them.” – G. Morrell, LCI
“We have been very pleased with the installation, timing of delivery, follow up and equipment provided. I would recommend Liquid Process Systems.” – R. Wilson, American Ripener Company Inc.