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Custom Equipment Fabrication

Workshop equipped for Metal Fabrication, MIG, TIG, Spot Welding, Machining to manufacture:
  • Pump Skids and Engineered Systems for Industrial Processes
  • Liquid Filtration Systems
  • Prototyping, Pipe Welding, Fixturing
  • Custom Fabrication and Welding
  • Experience with Food and Pharmaceutical application requirements
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

High Pressure Pumps

The pumping system delivers chemicals used in a cable manufacturing facility at 500 psig on a continuous basis. The chemical “sulphurhexaflouride” is pumped into the process using the duplex system. The duplex system is designed to constantly feed the chemical. If one of the pumps fails, the other pump turns “ON” automatically. The controls provide sound and visual indication of pump failure. The system includes provision for manual adjustment of the output pressure and flow within the operating range.

Fuel Oil Pump

Duplex pumping station designed to dispense fuel oil from two storage tanks. Station supplies flue oil continuously to boilers in a textile dyeing and finishing plant. System customized to provide capability of pumping from any of the two tanks using any one of the pumps by manipulating the manual valves on the skid.

Custom Blend Systems

Blending of hygroscopic powder into water to form waste treatment polymer. Batch blend system to include variable speed control of mixer to increase or decrease speed with respect to viscosity. Custom engineered to increase blend rate and automatic transfer to holding tanks using the output signals from the blend tank to start and stop the accompanying transfer pumping system.

System Skid

System custom designed to inject water with 7 ppm boric acid at 2000 PSIG and 150°F into boiler tubes, removing and preventing scale in the tubes. System includes 316 Stainless Steel tank, mixer, intrusive heater, high pressure pumping system, transfer pump system, controls, valves and all wiring for the system to operate manually.

Hot Water Recirculation System

316 S.S. double-walled tank with water circulating around the wall to maintian temperature with +/-5 º accuracy. Tank and heating system along with the mixer provide uniform temperature of the slurry for use in pharmaceutical application

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems for recirculating Isocyanate and Polyol used in manufacturing foam backing for carpets. The liquids are pumped through plate and frame heat exchangers to the blending system. The temperature of the liquids are controlled by tandem electric heating and chilling systems. The range of temperature control is from 180 º F to 60 º F.

Heat Recovery with Filtration

Dip tank water recycling system designed to remove heat from rubber molds. Water pumped through the filter and heat exchanger to maintain cleanliness of the water and control temperature in the dip tanks to cure the rubber quickly and efficiently. System designed and engineered to increase reliability of product tolerance and reduce wastewater treatment costs.