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The Benefits of Paratherm’s Heat Transfer Fluids

The Benefits of Paratherm’s Heat Transfer FluidsThere is a Paratherm heat transfer fluid for different applications and temperature ranges. Different factors must be balanced and taken into account when formulating thermal fluid for process systems including physical properties such as thermal conductivity, density, and viscosity, base chemistry, purity or level of refinement, as well as proprietary formulation. The result being high quality heat transfer fluids that offer the best efficiency when facilitating heat transfer. Paratherm offers as many as 9 different types of heat transfer fluids along with an additive for inhibiting oxidation and 3 system cleaners, which are designed using high-tech fluid chemistries including high-temperature synthetic hydrocarbons, and natural organic hydrocarbons.

Thermal stability is the best edge that Paratherm heat transfer fluid products offer. The brand’s line of thermal fluid offers heat transfer fluids ranging in temperature between – 127°F and 675°F. Paratherm’s promise is providing customers with thermal fluids that do not just meet but exceed the needs of customers. They offer fluids that are compatible in use and quality with most competitors’ fluids. Thanks to their dedicated engineering and research and development teams, the brand is able to create thermally stable fluids even at higher temperatures. This means thermal fluids that last longer with the same operating parameters as their competitions’ offerings.

With Paratherm heat transfer fluid you eliminate the need for a full time operator, as in steam-based operations, when a system operator must be present at all times in order to monitor safety. Steam systems must operate at high temperatures and extreme pressure, whereas systems that use Paratherm fluids require much lower pressure to produce the same results, hence eliminating the added cost of an additional full-time system operator.

Another benefit of thermal fluid products from Paratherm is flexibility in formulation. Their fluid selections are extensive enough to accommodate the unique needs of customers, be they cooling, heating, or both. Paratherm looks closely into the heating method that clients use to gauge the thermal impact that the systems produce and ensure proper fluid formulation at the molecular level. This is critical in ensuring the efficiency and safety of transfer fluids during operation.

Liquid Process Systems Inc. specializes in expertly engineered thermal fluid filtration systems for use in various industries using thermal fluids or hot oil, including the processing and manufacturing of wood and engineered wood products, engineered stone, asphalt, plastics, die-casting, PET, paints, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, supplements, carpets, medical devices, automotive, fiber, etc., as well as for food processing, recycling, reprocessing, aerospace and petrochemical industries.

The Benefits of Paratherm’s Heat Transfer Fluids